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Dr. Deborah-Patrice (Debi) Hamlin, Ph.D., Los Angeles, California/Macon, Georgia
Dr. Deborah-Patrice Hamlin is the Founder & Executive Director of the BRONZeTONE CENTER for Music & History based in Los Angeles, California.  As a vocalist and Professor of  American, African American, and Art History, Dr. Hamlin's leadership has been invaluable to the success of our organization.  Deborah-Patrice Hamlin was born in Blackshear, Georgia in 1957.  She spent the first four years of her life in Macon, Georgia with her paternal grandparents, Lewis and Ruby Hamlin.  In 1961, she reunited with her mother, Arlivia, and father, Lewis Jr.  Between 1961 and 1964, while her dad was touring with James Brown, Dr. Hamlin and family lived in Florida and Georgia.
     In 1964, the family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where Dr. Hamlin grew up attending Belmont Elementary, where she learned to play the flute under the tutelage of Faye Carmichael and, father, Lewis Hamlin.  In 1965, she competed in the Peabody Institute's Solo Festival earning the highest score of "1" for her performance of Frank Joseph Haydn's "Sonata #7 in D Major."  She graduated from
Edgecombe Elementary (1969), Pimlico Jr. High (1972), and Forest Park Senior High in 1975. 
      While a senior at Forest Park, Dr. Hamlin represented her class by serving as a Page in the Maryland State Legislature and, having studied voice under Margaret Lindsay, Metzo Soprano and Assistant Director of the Morgan State University Choir, wrote and performed the graduation song for the Class of 1975: "Farewell."  Clearly, the groundwork for Dr. Hamlin's interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning began during the early stages of her academic and musical development.
    In 1976, Hamlin began performing in the Balto.-Washington area with local R&B groups such as Hyde Park and Grand Jury.  By 1977, Hamlin had returned to Macon where she established a local music group and performed with Dexter Redding and Bone Holmes and Friends under the guidance of Anthony Dorsey (arranger for Paul McCartney, Mary Holmes (lead vocalist for Joe Tex) and Charles Burns (singer and trumpeter for Bobby Womack).  When not performing, Hamlin, between 1980 and 1985, also worked for the Brown & Williamson Company in Macon, Georgia.
    In 1985, Hamlin left Macon for Atlanta, Georgia where, under the guidance of Isaac Hayes, she performed and joined the Atlanta Song Writer's Association receiving acclaim for her performance of "You Should Know," co-written and arranged by sister and producer, Devin Christy.  She later recorded a demo; a collection of standard and R&B tunes with her dad in Silver Spring, Maryland.  In 1986, she met Oscar Richardson, President of PMP Records in New York, who, after hearing the demo, offered her a lucrative recording contract.  In 1986, Hamlin moved to New York where she would record and perform for five years.  On the PMP Label she recorded (1) Visions; (2) Windmill of Love; and (3) Hypnotized.  It was also when an artist at PMP that Hamlin learned the "business" of music, ultimately becoming the company's Executive Vice-President and Producer.
    In 1991, after the death of her father, Hamlin left the music scene and turned her attention toward the academic world.  She received her BA from City College of CUNY (1994), and also studied at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  In 1995, Dr. Hamlin was awarded a scholarship to attend Duke University, receiving her MA (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in American and African American history.  During her tenure at Duke she published several biographical articles, book reviews, and editorial pieces, and served as Executive Assistant to historian, John Hope Franklin, author of the seminal text, From Slavery to Freedom (1948), from 1998-2003.  She also studied under stellar professors such as Peter H. Wood and Richard Powell. 
    After graduating with the Ph.D. from Duke in 2004, Hamlin was appointed Assistant Professor of History at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina.  It was here that she taught the first course on the writings of John Hope Franklin, "Race and History": Reading John Hope Franklin," a course which she continues to teach in Los Angeles.  In 2006, Dr. Hamlin returned to Macon where she served as Academic Advisor at Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Georgia (2007), and Professor of History at Gordon State College in Barnesville, Georgia (2008).   In 2009, Hamlin returned to Baltimore, where she recorded a second demo for a forthcoming album, "My Favorite Things," working closely with the Baltimore Jazz Alliance and Measurement Incorporated (academic assessment) in keeping with her music/academic paradigm.
     In 2010, Dr. Hamlin relocated to Los Angeles, California and founded the BRONZeTONE CENTER for Music & History where she and her staff "bring the mix" through music and history.  Hamlin has worked with some of the greatest talents in the music industry, including but not limited to, Isaac Hayes, Freddie Cole, Mose Davis, the Lewis Hamlin Orchestra, and has appeared at the Apollo Theatre, Sweetwaters, Baby Grand, Lucy's, and the Celebrity Clubs in New York; Odell's, Martin's West, and the Palladium in Baltimore, Md.; New Directions, Grants, Macon Coliseum, and JD's Touch of Class in Macon, Georgia; and the Los Angeles Public Library and City Club in Los Angeles, California.  She made  her debut television appearance in 1989 on, "Dance Connection," an entertainment show aired in the Balto-DC area and hosted by music/radio legend, "Moon Man."
     Hamlin is a stellar vocal artist, flautist, a savvy and seasoned record company executive, and the daughter of the former band director for James Brown, Lewis Hamlin Jr.  You are listening to her rendition of "Stormy Monday," a classic blues, father-daughter collaboration scheduled for release on the BRONZeTONE Label.  
     Dr. Hamlin is available for private functions, weddings, receptions, studio gigs, academic, cultural, and community events.  In addition, she is the Capacity Coordinator for the United Way of Central Georgia, Adjunct Professor of History at Central Georgia Technical College, and President of the Macon Committee on Urban Affairs.
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     Dr. Hamlin is just one of the exceptional vocalists, musicians, producers, writers, performing artists, historians, educators, authors, media experts, communication analysts, and philanthropists who represent the best that our organization has to offer.  As a result, a high percentage of our business stems from repeat customers and their referrals.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the academic and entertainment industries. 
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Musician and Educator.
Nea McKinney, Los Angeles, California
Director of Media Marketing and PR.
Juan Williams, Los Angeles, California
Entertainer and Los Angeles Executive.
Anthony "Bone" Dorsey, Macon, Georgia
Trombonist, Band leader Producer, Arranger for
Paul McCartney, Bone Holmes & Friends (Macon, Georgia)
Mary Holmes, Vocalist, Joe Tex, Bone Holmes & Friends (Macon, Ga.)
Oscar 'Flame" Richardson, New York, NY
PMP Records- CEO and Entertainer.
Anthony "Tony" Tomorrow, Brooklyn, New York
Music Executive, Producer, and Designer.
Zelma Redding, Jones County, Georgia
Philanthropist and wife of late Otis Redding.
Eric D.J. Prince, New York, New York
Producer, Programmer, Culinary Arts.
Georgeia Williamson, Detroit, Michigan
Professional Management & Special Events.
Cassandra Gaines, Oklahoma Tourism Executive,
Muskogee, Oklahoma Civic Center Director &
Manager of the historic Roxey Theatre, 2014 Trumpet Award Winner
& Founder of "Moma C's National Soul- Food-Cook-Off.
Sheila Johnson, Community & Event Coordinator, Baltimore, Md.
Debbie Cole, Singer & Music Organizer, Baltimore, Md.
Baltimore Orioles
Newton Collier, Former Trumpeter for Sam & Dave; Founder of Georgia Legacy Foundation;
Current Musical Director for Dr. Deborah "Debi" Hamlin, LHJ Rhythm Section, and Co-Chair
of Lewis Hamlin Jr. Life & Legacy Concert Committee. Macon, Georgia
Al Pazant (Pazant Brothers),  Musician,  Educator, Arranger, Vocalist for Manhattans. New York.
Edwin Pazant (Pazant Brothers), Musician, Educator, Manhattans. New York.
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