The BRONZeTONE CENTER for Music & History - "bringin' the mix"

      At BRONZeTONE Records we specialize in
 remakes or rearrangements of classic jazz,
 rhythm and blues, inspirational, and
holiday songs previously recorded by legendary
female, male, and group artists of the 20th
Century.  We define classic as songs with
memorable melodies, meaningful lyrics,
exceptional arrangements, and stellar vocal
performances.  In short, we sing about love.
You are listening to Dr. Hamlin's rendition of
For the Love of You, recorded with her dad, Lewis Hamlin Jr. and quartet, prior to his death in 1991.
     Our current  project, "Memories in the Key
of Love" includes new renditions of songs made
famous by Big Maybelle, Barbara Mason, Carol
King, Bread, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and
others.  Each song will be made available as
they are mastered.   Stay Tuned!!
     The Publishing Division accepts, by referral
only, manuscripts written by little known
authors of autobiographies, biographies,
poems, and song lyrics, for editing and copy
editing.  Authors of "original" melodies should
send an mp3 or cd copy of their song complete
                                                      with title, writer/s, and genre. 
                                                            Please send your requests via email with 

                                                            current contact information to:
                                                  The BRONZeTONE Center for Music & History
                                                         Attention: Publishing Division
Thank You.

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