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Dr. Debi Hamlin

According to those who have had heard her vocal range and interpretations, from Baltimore to LA, New York to Atlanta, Debi Hamlin has that rare gift of soul, the ability to make audiences feel her story, her song. Industry critics describe her as one who "weaves artistry with academics, sensuality with intelligence, music with history."

I specialize in covers of classic jazz, rhythm

and blues, inspirational, and holiday songs.

I define classic songs as those with memorable

melodies, meaningful lyrics, exceptional

arrangements, and stellar vocal performances. 

Essentially, I sing about love in all of its manifestations -- the highest vibration.


You are now listening to my recent recording of The Way We Were, theme song for the  8th Annual Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Remembrance, 2022.  On Monday, October 24th, we will "rest":

       in celebration/remembrance of the historical

      contributions of our "forgotten man" who now                 rests in both Power and Peace.


Thank You.  Hope to see you live in Baltimore in 2023!

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