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                           "The Way We Were"

                                         8th Annual

       Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Remembrance

                    Monday, October 24, 2022

             North, South, Midwest, East & West

                         12 Noon til'  12 Midnight


                                     "On a Clear Day"                            

                                         7th Annual

     Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Remembrance

                                 October 24, 2021

                                                              Lewis Hamlin, Jr. (1930-1991)

               Chief Arranger, Band Director, Lead Trumpeter for Late Entertainer, James Brown,

                                           and Producer of Brown's Live at the Apollo. (1961-64)




6th Annual

Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Celebration

Dr. Debi Hamlin, the BRONZeTONE Center for Music & History,

Associates, and Sponsors Proudly Present the

6th Annual Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Celebration

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Macon, Ga. & Baltimore, Md.

Multi-Instrumentalist & Entrepreneur

Lead Trumpeter, Band Director, & Chief Arranger for James Brown,

Producer of Live at the Apollo, JB Co-Song Writer, Thing in G

Music Educator, husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, ACTIVIST

Lewis Hamlin Jr., Trumpeter/Arranger

Oct. 24, 1930-Nov. 23,1991

James Brown, Mr. Dynamite

A Message from our Founder, Vocalist & Professor of History: Dr. Debi Hamlin

        The 2020 Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Celebration will focus on a particular LHJ quality: CREATIVITY. During what has been, and remains a tumultuous year filled with unprecedented loss, sadness, and uncertainty for many, we choose to focus on Lew's ability to hear/see what others could not. We are inspired by, and grateful for this eternal legacy-gift. From James Brown's Director/Arranger, to his groundbreaking thesis on Music Therapy, and founding of the Lewis Hamlin Jr. Big Band to the development of a mobile food truck for children of low wealth neighborhoods in Baltimore's inner city, Lewis Hamlin Jr. was a CREATOR. "A stone-cold-funky" trumpeter/arranger, Lew lived a life of service and kept the music playing until the very end.

Thanks Dad!

     So we devote the week of Oct.18-24th, to creating something good in our lives that serves the community. Some "fresh and funky" idea that uses our gifts and talents to CREATE the life that we desire rather than one determined by others. Who and what will YOU be on the other side of the Pandemic? Time moves forward and we must move with it vowing to get, and remain, in "good and necessary trouble" for No One and No Thing can stop an idea whose time has come. Believe, Trust,

Know, and have Faith in this indisputable fact. VOTE and; PROTEST and;


SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER and, while all life matters in general,....

BLACK LIVES and their LIVELIHOODS MATTER particularly NOW, especially NOW

in this historical moment.

There was/will be a time.

But know that James Baldwin's "fire next time" is the fire this time, Right NOW 2020,

In my/your lifetime.

The 5th Annual


    Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Celebration

Chief Arranger, Band Director, Producer of "Live at the Apollo,"

& Lead Trumpeter for James Brown, "Godfather of Soul."

(October 23, 1930 -- Nov. 23, 1991)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Macon, Georgia 


Design for BronzeTone Center for Music & History Site (Copyright, 2019)

BronzeTone Center Bldg. --Exterior

LHJ Performance Stage

BronzeTone Situation Room

BronzeTone Executive Office

Interior Garden

BronzeTone Recording Studio

BronzeTone Reheasal Studios

BronzeTone Meditation Lounge

BronzeTone Executive Suite

LHJ 2018

Dr. Debi Hamlin & the BRONZeTONE Center for Music & History are extremely

grateful to all supporters and attendees of the

4th Annual Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Celebration -- 

An amazing day of soulful music, a phenomenal vocal performance by Dr. Hamlin,

inspiring and informed conversation, Afro-Brazilian cuisine, Sangria, the

traditional "Lewis D.s Mango Pound Cake," and Ambrosia !

Where: Presidential Suite at Macon Marriott, City Center

When: Wednesday, October 24th, 12 noon 'til 12 midnight

The Venue

Macon Marriott, City Center

Presidential Suite

The Feast

Beans & Rice, etc.

Curry Fish & Okra

Seafood Gumbo

Mango/Peach Sangria!



"Lewis D.'s Mango Pound Cake"

In loving memory of Lewis Decellous Hamlin,

Trumpeter, and Baker -Extraordinaire.


"Arlivia's Ambrosia"

In Loving Memory of Arlivia E. Smith Hamlin


and Friend. (1931-2002)

The Music : In Loving Memory of Derek Hamlin, Trumpeter, Prolific Song Writer, and Minister


"There Was A Time"

In Loving Memory of

Music Educator, Chief Arranger-Producer-Band Director-Lead Trumpeter for the

"Godfather of Soul," James Brown, and Macon/Baltimore's Own


(October 24, 1930 - November 23, 1991)

Lewis Hamlin Jr. : James Brown's Musical "Interpreter/Translator" for the Famous Flames

The Famous Flames: Well Rehearsed and playing on the One ( Lewis Hamlin Jr., Front & Center)

LHJ 2017

Dr. Deborah "Debi" Hamlin and the BRONZeTONE Center for Music & History proudly presented the 3rd

Annual Celebration for Maconite and Fort Valley State University Alum, Lewis Hamlin Jr., former Chief Arranger, Band Director, an lead Trumpeter. Our 2017 theme derived from the W.E.B. Du Bois classic, The Souls of Black Folk.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Wingate by Wyndham; 100 North Crest Boulevard

Macon, Georgia 31201


The People

Richard Keil, Founder of the Tubman Museum (L), Wini McQueen (R), Artist of the Black Experience

Hamp Swain, Legendary Radio Personality,"Please, Please," Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Alice Bailey, Macon Radio Personality,

Swain Protege, and Entrepreneur


The Soul Food



LHJ 2016

Historic Douglass Theatre

Lew's Mango Pound Cake. In his words, "so good it ain't nothin' but the truth."

Thanks for showing up, and staying ALL Day !!

Getting reading for "Soul Serenade" -- are you ready for show time ????

A few local Legends say "Let's Get it On"!!!

LHJ 2015

Lewis Hamlin Jr. (1930-1991)

Special Birthday Tribute to Macon/Tindall Heights Native,


Also Celebrating -- James Brown/Lewis Hamlin PRODUCTION of "LIVE AT THE APOLLO" (Oct. 24, 1962) --- &Tindall Heights' own GLADYS WILLIAMS, ONE OF THE FIRST FEMALE BAND LEADERS

Birthday Celebration begins at 2:30 p.m.

Buck Melton Community Center, 150 Sessions Drive in Tindall Heights where it all began for so many ...

Signing of the Tindall Scroll of Fame





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